Bankruptcy Could Be Your Best Debt Solution!

As we swim in debt, both individually and as a nation, our best possible option may be bankruptcy. The American Bankruptcy Institute describes two purposes of bankruptcy:

  • To give creditors a fair share of the money that you can afford to pay back. (Chapter 13)
  • To give you, the debtor, a fresh start by discharging your debts. (Chapter 7)

  • Bankruptcy may be your best option for you if you tried to contact creditors and negotiate repayment terms with no avail, pleaded with the bank not for a loan modification on an upside down mortgage, and worked faithfully to repay your bills -- and still cannot repay your debts!!!

    Bankruptcy sometimes is not the only option it can be the best option.

    Remember, You Are Not Alone

    Filing Bankruptcy is not something irresponsible people do - even thought that is what the banks want you to think! Bankruptcy happens when a person just cannot pay back their debt. Remember bankruptcy does not just happen to the worst in society, but to our actors, athletes, politicians, business leaders and founding fathers! Debt can be a cancer, once you owe enough money and the interest is accruing, there's often nothing you can do about it. Look below for some famous people who have fallen victim to this trap.

  • Heroes: Abraham Lincoln, Harry Truman, Oskar Schindler, John Wayne, Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine.
  • Athletes: Tony Gwyn, Joe Louis, Tony Martin, Michael Nunn, Sugar Ray Seales, Lawrence Taylor and Johnny Unitas.
  • Artists: Mark Twain, Rembrandt, Burt Reynolds, Mickey Rooney, Oscar Wild, Willie Nelson, Tom Petty, Isaac Hayes and Run DMC.
  • Business Leaders: Charles Schwab, J.J. Heinz, Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, Walt Disney, Francis Ford Coppola and Henry Ford.
  • Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 Options


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    Chapter 7 bankruptcies are "straight" bankruptcy plans that immediately liquidate the debtor's assets and release the debtor from having to pay off the debts. However, people who file for Chapter 7 relief are still required to pay such debts as student loans, alimony, child support, income taxes, and legal fines. A Chapter 7 petitioner can keep a car and home if the bankruptcy relief is solely for credit card debt. Individuals who file Chapter 7 cannot file the same petition again for six years.